Friday, February 10, 2012

Strawberry-Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

Strawberry-Raspberry Frozen Yogurt
OH MY GOODNESS! Quite possibly the best gift that I have gotten in a while has to be my new ICE CREAM MAKER!  I have always wanted to make ice cream, but never had the guts to actually buy an ice cream maker.  I was always under the impression that it was expensive and/or it was really complicated to make.  I will give you that it's a bit hard depending on your maker, but nothing you can't learn easily.  Wow, I just can't contain how excited this gift has made me!  Now I just can't wait until summer, when all the fruits are in season, to make all the different variations of cold desserts!

Yes, I am pretty darn excited about making cold desserts, but especially my personal favorite cold dessert, FRO-YO (frozen yogurt)!  And now that I can control what goes into it, I can make it even healthier than the store bought stuff!  Use low-fat yogurt, low fat half n half, Splenda, ANYTHING!  For my first ever cold dessert experiment, I decided to make a yummy strawberry-raspberry fro-yo.  Nothing too fancy, but then again I didn't want to go all out on my first try at this! Anyways, enough with my excitement and on with the recipe!

Ingredients for Yogurt
Ingredients (about 5-6 servings):
1 16 oz package of strawberries
1 2-pound container low-fat raspberry yogurt
3/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup half and half 
3 cups rock salt
3 pounds of ice

1. Mash the thawed strawberries until there are no chunks left.
2. Combine the strawberries with the yogurt, sugar, and half n half.
3. Mix well and make sure that the mixture is still cold (if not put in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes).
4. Pour mixture in the canister of your ice cream maker.
5. Follow instructions according to your ice cream maker (each maker is slightly different).  This is where you will need ice and rock salt for your frozen yogurt to properly form (the measurements for this was according to the ice cream maker that I have, yours might be different).
6. Ice cream maker will churn the mixture for about 30-40 minutes before your mixture is turned into frozen yogurt.
7. You can eat the fro-yo right away or store it in a air tight container in the freezer.

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