Saturday, January 14, 2012

Easy 10-minute Tortilla Pizza

Easy 10-minute Tortilla Pizza
It was Saturday afternoon, and my sister wanted pizza.  None of my family wanted any so getting a pizza delivered was out of the question, not to even start with the unhealthiness of a pizza! So I had to get creative and that's when I came up with this recipe.  It's super fast, light, and won't leave you feeling guilty about anything! You can customize it however you want, add another layer of tortilla to make the crust thicker, add any toppings of your liking, ANYTHING! This turned out pretty yummy and definitely will definitely go down as a go to lunch item! 

My sister helping me write down the quantities of each ingredient!
Ingredients for the Pizza!
Ingredients (for 1 tortilla pizza):
1 uncooked tortilla (using cooked is also fine)
1/8 cup tomato sauce (I used Prego, but any tomato sauce will do)
1 oz black olives (optional)
7-10 pieces of turkey pepperoni (optional)
1/8 cup mozzarella cheese 

1. Cook uncooked tortilla in a pan on stove top, medium-high, for about 4 minutes or until lightly brown.
2. Spread tomato sauce equally on top of tortilla.
3. Add toppings (in my case black olives and turkey pepperoni) evenly on top of sauce.
4. Cover entire tortilla evenly with cheese, I used 4 cheese Mexican blend because that was all I had in the fridge, but it would taste a lot better with mozzarella in my opinion.
5. Transfer tortilla to baking sheet.
6. Broil pizza on low for about 4-5 minutes or until cheese turns golden brown. 
Pizza in broiler
7. Let cool for about 2 minutes before cutting.

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